Coalition to Save the Menominee - Book Sale

Interested in a supporting a great cause and adding a wonderful book to your library? Then you won't want to miss this Book Sale fundraiser for the Coalition to Save the Menonimee River.


The Coalition to Save the Menominee River is focused on preventing the development of the proposed Back Forty gold mine that would be located on the Menominee River’s Michigan shoreline.


If the Back Forty project is allowed to be built it would environmentally pollute “forever” the Menominee River, the Green Bay area of Lake Michigan that it flows into and nearby land and water resources.


The Harry Blessing book collection, supplemented by a Jack Madden donation, has approximately 270 fishing books and several DVD’s.  For the latest list and more information, please contact  Dick Dragiewicz, Coalition to Save the Menominee River. His email is: