GBTU recent stile building project in WI Driftless

On September 10, 2022 members of the GBTU Chapter joined with the Lee Wulff Chapter to help building and repair multiple stiles in the WI Driftless region. This day we focused on the Timber Coulee river section, on land that farmers have agreed to provide access to anglers for fishing. 


Before the stiles were added it was difficult for anglers to access the stream due to the barbed wire and electric fences. The stiles act as a gate that lets anglers pass through, and stop the cattle and livestock. 


Our TU Chapters have collaborated for many years to improve the process of building stiles. While it can still be a challenge to dig the holes due to rocks and stones in the ground, building the stile structure typically goes smoothly and efficiently. 


On this day, despite the rain, we built two new stiles and repaired and additional stile. All in all a very good day for conservation and fishing access to these wonderful streams.