GBTU's Video "Film Fest"

At our January chapter meeting we presented a series of short videos covering a range of fly fishing and conservation topics and locations. We are sharing this curated list with you, in the hopes that it brings inspration and insight, along with smiles, during these cold winter days. Enjoy!


GBTU January 2024 Film Fest:

Driftless- September '20 by Mark Mille

Time: 3:00

Natural State: Public land fly fishing by Phelps on the Fly

Time: 9:34

Fly Fishing Lake Superior Coaster Brook Trout by Dark Waters Fly Shop

Time: 5:51

You're Killing Fish And DON'T EVEN Know It! By Greenhorn Flyhorn

Time: 5:16

Wisconsin Northern Driftless Trout Fishing Report "Catching Big Trout" 5/4/23 By Hunter Ellstrom Media

Time: 8:30

30 Second Blood Knot by Phelps on the Fly

Time: 2:46

Fly Fishing Belize: 2 Grand Slams in 2 Days by Phelps on the Fly

Time: 7:51

"Succinct": How to fly fish spring creeks by Jensen Fly Fishing

Time: 3:19

How to Mend Line & Catch More Fish — Fly Fishing for Beginners | Module 6, Section 1 By Ventures Fly Co.

Time: 16:49

"The Search" - How to fish tailing trout in a spring creek by Jensen Fly Fishing

Time: 7:24

Coulee Country by Mark Mille

Time: 8:59

Fly Fishing Streamers on Small Trout Streams - Tips & Tactics of Drawing Trout to Small Streamers by Jensen Fly Fishing

Time: 26:47

The River. By Hunter Ellstrom Media

Time: 9:33

How to Fly Fish a Trout Stream- Minnesota Trout Unlimited

Time: 4:30