Jason Randall to speak at October 13 meeting!

We are thrilled to welcome noted author and angler Jason Randall to our October GBTU meeting. His presentation is titled "10% of Anglers Catch 90% of the Trout, Reaching the 10%". It will certainly be informative and entertaining, and we hope you can attend.


The meeting starts at 6:30pm at the Miramar Bistro in Highwood. It will also be broadcast on Zoom for those unable to attend in person. Dial-in info: 


Jason Randall has been an outdoor writer for the last twenty years with feature articles appearing regularly in American Angler and many other outdoor magazines. He has written four books on fly fishing so far:



  • ‘Moving Water: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Currents’ was released in 2012. It studies the effect of current on trout, their prey species and presentation, where vertical layers of current create drag and requires adjustments to improve nymph fishing success.
  • ‘Feeding Time: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to What, Where and When Trout Eat’, was released in August of 2013. It focuses on matching your fishing strategies to the trout’s feeding strategies, especially when targeting large trout
  • In 2014, the third book in the ‘Fly Fisher’s Guide’ trilogy was released- ‘Trout Sense; A Fly Fisher’s Guide to What Trout See, Hear and Smell’which offers anglers an opportunity to know more about the quarry they seek.
  • In April, 2017, Jason’s forth book, "Nymph Masters: Fly Fishing Secrets from Expert Anglers", was released combining secrets, tips and hints from some of the top nymph fishermen in the sport, Nymph Masters thoroughly studies all aspects of nymph fishing.