Timber Coulee Workday

Work Day


We will have a clean-up on Timber Coulee on May 31 and June 1 at 11:00 each day. We are working two days to allow everyone to participate. You do not need to work both days. This way we can spend two hours working in the middle of the day and fish either before or after on one of the hidden gems of Timber. We will be removing barb wire and some debris along an access to one of the best sections of Timber. This section is hard to find and little fished. Put your glasses on look at the upper right quadrant of the map and find Pinski between County G and German Coulee. That is upstream from Bob Jackson area where Bohemian joins and down the road from Olstad road. The pull-in goes between a house and a garage. Please go slowly through there. The lane ends in a parking lot and that is where we will meet. Expect barbed wire and tangle. Wear leather gloves and bring wire cutters. Some cutters available but having your own will help. Leather boots or shin high rubber ones not waders will protect your feet you may want to fish before or after. Look for a TU sign to help find the place.


Questions or you get lost call Jerry Sapp at 847 284 4824. We will have reservations at Old Town on Saturday night at 7:30 if you let Jerry know if you are coming for dinner. There were rooms available at the Vernon Inn but if you plan on going there are none on hold so reserve your room somewhere now. Please let Jerry know if you are planning to come to either work day